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Our company “Adhvik Décor” started its commercial activities with Interior designers, Architects, Retail & Hotels. Our focus is niche. We are a B2B platform that specializes in delivering projects for a segmented niche of hospitality industry. From decorative artefacts to lighting accessories, photo frame, candles and textiles everything we do that would make your spaces more aesthetically pleasing. We manufacture custom-made furniture & Textiles in India, for exclusive Hotel and Residential Projects. Our product best quality at competitive price have been appreciated by many. Our company is continuing its way to become a Decor brand in our growing country with its diversified style and rich product range. Our goal is to become a brand that makes every aspect of your living spaces more enjoyable with our bespoke decor collections we created without sacrificing quality. Feeling your support, we will continue to design new products that are exciting for you at every new opportunity.
With experienced craftsmanship, this wall sconce is curated to bring a new look to any part of your home. Attractive and versatile transitional style sconce fixture features a vertically-oriented, circular brass hammered in lustrous brass finish.
Wood base is 12 x 5.5 inches. Lanterns are 10" tall x 4" wide. Hinged door on the front for easy access to candle. Gorgeous patterned Blue glass Moroccan lantern. Each lantern is hung from a black wrought iron hook mounted to a stained knotty wooden board.
Cut Glass tea light holder , Crack Glass tea light holder , Glass Tea light Holder (size : 3 x 3 x 3 inch , color : yellow) Manufacture by : Adhvik Decor.
Metal Hangings candle table decorative tea lights holder (Red) size :- 6 inches height x 3.7 inches width x 3.7 inches length. Manufacture by : Adhvik Decor.
Moroccan lanterns small with multi-colored glasses. Amber Moroccan Metalwork hanging candle holder lantern. Dimensions : 16.25 x 8.75 cm Used for home decor both indoor, perfect house warming gift. Manufacture by : Adhvik Decor.
The home design grove pendants is made of metal with a wood look exterior finish. Wood look metal shade 420 mm height. This is modern lighting. Manufacture by : Adhvik Decor.
We have extraordinarily wide range of styles, finishes and sizes in Pendant Lights to design a modern or industrial aesthetic to your room. Modern pendant lighting brings in an elegant finish to any room. Not only do they make an attractive centerpiece, but they can also add a modern designer look to any room you would like. For more information please contact us.
The study of vastu reveals many secrets to us according to which one should decorate their home. Vastu tells us how we can arrange different furniture items in different directions in order to create a harmonic balance. Vastu divides the different zones into positive and negative field according to which you need to make your arrangements. This in turn helps in creating constant income flow, bringing peace, prosperity and healthy living conditions. Vastu says that you must store more accessories and items in the positive zone as compared to the negative one. This would help you in achieving an over all balance. So, now let us discuss some ideas and suggestions with the help of which you can decorate your home according to vastu. Placement of furniture items There are various strict rules under vastu when it comes to the placement of furniture items. You can follow the rule carefully and then make the adjustments. The bed should always be kept in the southwest direction of your bedroom. The southeast corner should be left empty. If there are wardrobes in your room and they have valuables then you must keep it in the southwest direction only. Sometimes people store shoe racks in their hall or exteriors, the shoe racks should also be placed in the south west direction. You can keep your sofa sets and chairs in the south as well as in the west part of the living room or dining room area. Dining table should always be installed in the North West part of your dining room or living room in order to get the right balance. The study table would be kept in the south-western portion of the room and while studying children should face the north direction. If you want to install mirrors in the room then it would only be done on the walls facing north and east direction. Electrical Appliances There are various different types of electrical appliances that are used for different purposes. You should also place them according to certain specifications. You will see that the heating appliances like your cooking gas stove, microwave or oven should always be kept in the southeast direction. Cooling appliances like the AC and fridge can be kept in the north western part of the room. Your other appliances like the TV set should be placed in the southeast, north or east part of the room. You must never keep the electrical appliances in the north east direction as this brings negative energy to the room. Statues and paintings There are many people who also install different types of statues and paintings at home. You will see that according to vastu, paintings and pictures that depict natural scenes like water flowing, flowers and sun rise is very good for the home. On the other hand you must avoid installing paintings that depict any kind of negative situation like wars. If you want to place statues related to Hindu Lords in your home then they should always be kept in your prayer room. Plants and curtains There are many people who also install various small plants and flower pots inside their homes to make their interiors more meaningful. You must avoid bringing cactus and other thorny plants inside the home. Other plants should be installed in the north east direction. You must always purchase light colored curtains as this helps in bringing peace and harmony. Well these are some great tips and tricks that would help you in decorating your home according to the vastu rules. Source: